Sunday, 6 December 2009

Photo Cropping Workshop 2

P: Good cropping the zoom works nice on this image
M: I would prefer this image without angles. Maybe I had to make it with a circle shape.
I: The detail that zooming gives to an object even if it's not the main point of the picture.

P: I cropped on the correct angles of the image.
M: I shouldn't cut out the whole chest of the man.
I: The different feelings that the viewer get from the two images.

P: Good cut of the image. Right on the eyes.
M: I left the hand which I think that it should be cropped.
I: The anger that just the eyes of that man show. Good zooming.

P: Good angles, which give a dramatic feeling to the picture.
M: -
I: The change of the meaning of the image.

P: The cut out that I did on the player's name.
M: The wrong cut out on the cameraman's body
I: How an image with no detail have a meaning from its own.

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