Thursday, 5 November 2009

Image Workshop

This workshop was about looking and discussing the process of collages and how they can communicate in unusual and surprising ways.
For this workshop I had three different tasks.
Task 1 : I had to choose between 10 titles like Composition, Editing,Contrast and in ten minutes I had to produce one collage.
Then I had to discuss it with my group using the IMP method.
This method is about (I) Interesting, (M) Minus, and (P) Positive.
Task 2 : On this task, I had to choose between the ten themes again, but this time we were interested more about how we can develop systems, in order to speed up the making of the collages.
Task 3 : Finally, on the third task we produced some collages and came to a conclusion about how our thinking on the process had changed.
On the bottom of the brief was the extension of the workshop.
It was about creating 100 collages, 10 per theme, and then analyzing them with the IMP system.

These are two examples of the collages that I created.
I think that they are ironic in a way especially the one with Jennifer Anniston but on the same hand with a lot of meaning on their background.

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